–Find a book anywhere

Need to find a particular book in a hurry but can’t find it in the first library you check? Check a lot of local libraries with one quick search by going to! Just enter a title, subject, or person in the text box and you will be given a list of books and the libraries who own them. Localize your search by typing in a town and state, and not only will you see the libraries nearby who own that book, but clicking on the title will take you directly to that library’s own catalog so you can see the location and availability.  And it’s free. You can register on the site if you like but it isn’t required. How cool is that?

But wait, there’s more.  Item records now include a “Cite this Item” link that provides bibliographic citations in five common styles: APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Turabian. Displayed in a separate pop-up window, the citations follow the reference standard for each style.

Off-Campus Access to Library Databases

A reminder to faculty, staff, and students at JSRCC – you can access a wide range of the library’s online resources from home including the full-text of journals, magazines, and newspapers.   Our library databases can be accessed from any off-campus location that has an Internet connection (e.g.,  home or office).  When you are off-campus and click on any database link from the library’s web site, a VCCS login screen will appear.  Simply type in your My JSRCC login (the same username and password you use for Blackboard) to access the databases.  For more information or assistance in using the databases from off-campus, see our Off-Campus Access web page or contact the Reference Desk.


Textbooks on Reserve

The library does not purchase current textbooks for the circulating collection, but we do keep some textbooks on reserve behind the circulation desk. We do not have all textbooks, but if a faculty member brings us a copy we will gladly and quickly make it available to students. Most textbooks may be used in the library only for up to two hours. You will need a library card to borrow these books.

Program heads, especially, we encourage you to stop by the library to update the textbooks for your curricula when you can.  Use this form when you are bringing in new materials, please. If you prefer, we can send an inventory of textbooks currently available for your program so you can see what needs to be updated. Contact Lisa Bishop at the Parham Road Campus, Rebekah Goodfellow at the Downtown Campus, or Ophelia Payne at the Western Campus.

Reserves are listed in the VCCSLinc Catalog but are a little tricky to find. Select Course Reserves from the blue menu, then choose J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. I think the easiest search is Course Number, begins with.  Choose that, then put the course code–MTH for math, ENG for English, EGR for engineering, etc.–in the textbox. You’ll see everything we have for that course group.

It’s Tax Return Time

You can find current tax legislation summaries, tax forms, electronic filing options, tax calculators, and answers to your frequently asked questions at the Virginia Department of Taxation’s web site.

You may also want to check out NetLibrary’s ebook of the month – Lower Taxes in 7 Easy Steps.